Saturday, June 30, 2012

cloudy afternoon everyone :D

its been awhile since i post something.
i'm sorry but i will not be posting mods for several days because of schooling. 
apparently, i got butlloads of assignments and projects to do. 

really sorry guys 

car:Nissan Silvia Gp Sports-raxa
place:Redbull drift map-modifuker

there are lots of active blogs you might wanna check plus they got great tons of cars,skins,maps for download :D
I don't know them personally but i've got alot of great respect for them
without them i wont be continuing my modding

personal friends :D
thanks for helping me out bro :) 


240sx for download :D

well guys since i'm not that popular enough to not share my mods i'll just give it away for free so enjoy :D

car specifications
(No Engine cause i'm too tired and busy at school sorry :D )
big-ass intercooler - keisuke
Konig black rims -emzone
sparco seats -emzone
front bumper and skirts -selfmade(me)
kouki tailights
half open headlights to make that rps13 look :)
plate cover back -nine kilobytes
sparco steering wheel -keisuke


well guys enjoy :D

Thursday, June 28, 2012

240sx complete

hello everyone! :D

if you want this car. ask me :D modders only

cya :D

240sx update :D

75% complete



working on Street Style Nissan 240sx

i'll be copying this replica but not complete copy just some other details :D


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cloudy Afternoon everyone :)

If you want to download my 2 S15's look from my previous post

Enjoy :D

S15's Download

Hello everyone

you can download my s15's here :D

S15 Hellaflush(Download1)
S15 Import tuned(Download2)

you might wanna change the wheels in Import tuned s15 cause it sucks change it whatever you want

Enjoy :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

modding temporarily shutdown

Sorry guys! i need to focus on my studies, because i have failing marks last semester.
but i'll be back promise :)

schools back get ready everyone :D