Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Driven Evolution 9

Hello :D

so whats the big deal about this Mitsubishi evolution 9 MR?
one things for sure this is not an ordinary daily driven evo that you're seeing on streets

this evo 9 has fitted INGs+1 N-spec bodykit we exclude the spoiler(wing) because we want to keep the original ones from evo.

from the inside you can see a HKS 9k rpm tachometers , greedy turbo pressure gauges , HKS turbo timer, fueltech fuel injector system 
OMP steering wheel and f-con navigation system and some switches.

this evo has fueltech fuel injector system that comes with the big-ass fuel tank at the trunk.

to makes this evo 9 one of a kind it has custom rb26dett in the front, i know its a bit abnormal but we manage to put it and giving a roaring montrous sound.

to make this thing possible we the team forged and create a modified enginebay so that it can hold and control the power of rb26

some pictures :D

Big thanks to stanceworks (a.k.a. Steven Incomio) for giving the scratches and parts i need for this project.
and some modders accesories thank you :)

see yah