Friday, January 31, 2014

Honda Civic AH

Good day everyone! iv'e been working on this car for a week. but now its finished

i present you Honda Civic AH SI from the 3rd generation of hondas(1983-84)

this is car is weight reducted for faster response in engine and a roll cage for safety purposes.

Dashboard are not touched only the stereo slot are coverted to gauge and some switches.

Recaro bucket seats with Takata Harness

Engine bay is wire tucked, no strut bar and we remove other parts in the bay.
engine: ZC block with b16 head with turbo. pushing 250hp 0-60kph(2 secs)

Work Equip 18" wrap in Neova tires.

and lastly Beaks rear set for stability control.

this was truly a rare car nowadays. parts are hard to find in other countries but only in Japan. 

i got inspired in this kinds of car after i watched the VR38dett killer AH at Osaka Japan

See yah!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Honda Civic Ek9

hey guys i just to share this ek hatch :)

This ek9 is slammed but daily driven.

we put the Beaks tie bar and ASR subarms(LCA) for stability control.

ask any ricer or import tuners they would like to get a better engine for their car. but, we remove the k20 and replace it with b16's. this car is daily driven and not for racing....

enjoy the other pics :)

see yah

Saturday, January 18, 2014

JDM Toyota AE86 Levin

Today's Car Spotlight is in this Toyota ae86 levin

a lot of people are talking of whats good about AE's. there are only one thing in my mind if you said ae86, 
"Japan's pride". yes..... 

Sure AE's engine (4AGE) can't compete with todays engine in drifting. so we put a new engine. guess what is it?

to make this AE a pure JDM style. we didnt change any headlights , tail lights and some parts in it.

 Inside this AE86 levin we replace the old steering wheel with TRD steering wheel. A Dildo shifting knobs
hks tachometer. a navigation system and a roll cage set.

Some pictures......

Big thanks for the dudes who help creating this Levin cheers bros!

see yah.