Saturday, January 18, 2014

JDM Toyota AE86 Levin

Today's Car Spotlight is in this Toyota ae86 levin

a lot of people are talking of whats good about AE's. there are only one thing in my mind if you said ae86, 
"Japan's pride". yes..... 

Sure AE's engine (4AGE) can't compete with todays engine in drifting. so we put a new engine. guess what is it?

to make this AE a pure JDM style. we didnt change any headlights , tail lights and some parts in it.

 Inside this AE86 levin we replace the old steering wheel with TRD steering wheel. A Dildo shifting knobs
hks tachometer. a navigation system and a roll cage set.

Some pictures......

Big thanks for the dudes who help creating this Levin cheers bros!

see yah. 

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